We were recently featured in Top Agent Magazine as a top selling agent in the Greenville & Spartanburg market. Please read this brief article to understand how we can help you get your home sold for the most money possible.



While our marketing is excellent and has led us to selling 37 to 40% of our own listings over the last 3 years, we do much more than that.  Here is a list of marketing and administrative/legal tasks we take care of for you:




  • Market Data Research
  • Determine optimum price of home using a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), Market Conditions, and Owner objectives


Home Preparation Advice:

  • Complete review of property with seller
  • Recommendations on repairs, fix-ups, cleaning, staging the home for showings and

      other suggestions to enhance the marketability of the home.

  • “Sell Your Home for Top Dollar”
  • “Stage Your House to Sell”
  • “Price Your House to Sell”



  • Digital color photos of interior and exterior of home
  • Over 100 photos are taken using multiple angles and lighting
  • Retake photos for seasonal changes
  • Reformatting and uploading photos for: Flyers, MLS, and Internet websites


Exterior of Property:

  • Professional Yard Sign
  • Search Real Estate SC Website Address
  • Timely follow up of all sign prospects
  • Professional Directional Signs
  • Professional Open Houses Signs
  • Flyers (at seller agent’s discretion)
  • Mortgage sign (at seller/agent discretion)
  • Delivery, Installation, and Removal


Multiple Listing Service: (MLS):

  • Enter data into local MLS, highlight best features of home, position home for target buyer prospect through write up and photos
  • Actively change property write up based on results and feedback


Secure-electronic key lockbox:

  • Provides access to your property when you are not available (at seller/agent’s discretion)


  Proprietary Internet Advertising Campaign:

  • Extensive online advertising campaign on 100’s of National websites and many local sites
  • “Preferred Agent” on Zillow.com, the #1 real estate website on the internet
  • Inclusion on Realtor.com the #2 real estate website on the internet
  • Top local agent on Trulia.com, the #3 real estate website on the internet
  • Multiple LOCAL websites each designed to reach different market segments
    • All sites designed to capture buyer leads
  • Mobile Real Estate APP for Android & I-Phone users
  • Timely follow up of all on-line prospects


Open Houses:

  • Open houses to Realtors and the public as determined by market
  • Directional sign placement – Delivery, Installation, and Removal
  • Balloons placed on signs and web announcements to attract buyers


Promote Listing to Active Agents in the Community:

  • Email property information to Spartanburg MLS agents
  • Community announcement of “Home For Sale” (at agent discretion)



  • Professional scheduling of all showing appointments using the “KW Showings Center” scheduling service



  • Showing feedback provided to client
  • Advice on ways to improve condition of home sale based on feedback comments
  • Track and maintain database of showings to contact in the event of price changes, etc.


Interior of Property:

  • Flyers for inside the home as needed
  • Complete checklist of market preparation tips


 Legal Requirements to get House on Market Properly
  Agency disclosure forms

  Listing agreement – Exclusive Right to Sell and Addendums

  Sellers disclosure statement

  Sellers expenses and net sheet

  MLS profile sheets

  Lead based paint forms (If applicable)

  Company policy explanation

  Fair housing explanation

  Multiple offer policy

  Participation with other brokers

    Discuss purchase of next home – Where will you be moving?

Review Property Tax Roll Information:
Verify tax roll information with seller

Square Footage Measurements:
Attempt to identify approximate square footage

Offer Evaluation:
Complete evaluation of written offers
  Discussion on multiple offers
  Delivery of documents to appropriate parties

Negotiation assistance
  Finalize offers

Escrow Funds:
Assure that funds are collected and delivered to the appropriate parties

Home Inspections:
Coordinate with buyer or buyers agent for home inspection
  Review buyer home inspection report
  Review of contractual and non contractual repairs


Client Communication Plan:

  • Bi-Weekly update on marketing activity and recommended strategy


Monthly Market Updates:

  • Monitor new listings in area
  • Monitor sold listings in area
  • Monitor expired listing in area
  • Keep seller competitive in the market place at all times

Renegotiations on Misc. Items:
  Contract renegotiations as needed

Termination of Offers:
  Paperwork on termination of contract and release of escrow funds

Buyer’s Loan:
  Analyze alternative financing plans for buyer prospects
  Secure pre-approval letter from buyer’s lender
  Monitor loan approval process with buyer’s lender or buyers agent

  Coordinate buyer’s property appraisal with buyer or buyer’s agent

  Coordinate buyer’s property survey with buyer or buyer’s agent

  Renegotiate repair items with buyer or buyer’s agent

Repair/Treatment Specialist and Inspection Services:
  List provided of competent service providers
  Seller chooses from the list
  Coordination/arrangement for repairs to be made with seller approval
  Each service provider sets his/her own rates for their service

Closing Preparation:
  Contact closing agent
  Obtain list of fees and services provided by closing agent
  Confirm all necessary information on buyer and seller gets to closing agent
  Ensure lender information gets to closing agent
  Notify buyer and seller of closing date and time
  Contact Homeowners Association, if applicable

Closing Statement:
  Review and Explanation of closing statement and costs with seller

Attend Closing:
  Accompany seller to closing
  Ensure that seller brings keys, garage door openers, and any warranty

  Answer post sale questions as needed
  Become your Lifetime Real Estate Consultant
  Earn the right to ask for referrals

Document Storage:
  Document storage for up to five (5) years

Client Duties
•  Complete all repairs and cleaning.
•  “Stage” your home to be appealing.
•  Hide valuables
•  Hide prescriptions
•  Leave premises for showings.
•  Call me with any questions.
•  Refer friends and acquaintances who might be
interested in your property.
•  Refuse to discuss terms with prospective buyers or
their agents.